Deer Cave Borneo

Deer Cave Borneo – An Ideal Place for Adventurous Geeks

The Deer Cave Borneo can be traced at Mulu National Park in Borneo Island in Miri Sarawak, Malaysia. It is one of the adventurous parks situated in the vicinity of Malaysian peninsular. The beautiful greenery along the side of the cave, adds more beauty and value, providing tourists a glimpse of natural beauty blended with nature’s hard rock cave.

Pleasurable Trip to Deer Cave Borneo

To reach the Deer Cave Borneo we need to travel on foot for about three kilometers at least. While, on the way we come across many incredible destinations renowned as Borneo Peat swamps (a forest filled with water soil that keeps the woods of trees moisturized and the tree leaves remain alive for a long time), the scenery of Alluvial plains (a level tract of land incessantly filled with alluvial material through flowing waters) are also enormously seen including protruded limestone materials as well. For instance, we implicitly get the chance to explore the following on the way to Deer Cave, which is majorly numbered as:

  • The stunning Borneo rainforests area; the high mountainous area where the trees found are so much densely populated because of the rain falling every year.
  • The chain of beautiful jungles.
  • An antique Penan Burial Cave, which was renowned as the shelter for deer was named by the aborigines of Penan and Berawan as Gua Payau or Gua Rusa i.e., Deer Cave.

Exploring the attractions of Deer Cave

The entrance to Deer Cave Borneo definitely leaves us in a stunning phase because of its huge capacity being ever observed in the whole world. Therefore, measurement of the cave is about two kilometers in length and its height measures to be ninety meters high and its main chamber where the sunlight emanates through is about hundred and twenty two meters high and hundred and seventy four meters broad.

The inside area of the cave is enthralled with a sunlight surrounded and floored by an inbuilt natural stoning materials. The most attractive feature of the cave is its beautiful garden i.e. Eden (covered with lush green vegetable plants) can be seen on the posterior side of the cave; whereas, on the top of it a sunlight passes into the cave through a wide hole above the cave.

The next major attraction of the cave can be observed from its southern part i.e. renowned profile of Abraham Lincoln is pierced therein on the stone of the cave. This cave is famous for being a home to plenty of bats seen on the timings from 5pm to 7pm. On such proposed timings the cluster of bats forming as a black cloud flying through the main entrance of the cave comes out in search for prey. The research study has depicted that a single cluster makes around more than millions of bats.

Necessary Recommendations

To explore deep inside portion of the cave, it is thus necessary for the visitors to take torch light with them in order to thoroughly explore the inner portion of the cave i.e. Guano-surrounded flooring with pack of insects passing in.
The Deer Cave is mainly attached to Lang’s Cave which is actually just a shortest distance away from the Borneo’s Deer Cave.

The beauty of the Lang’s Cave is its smallest capacity of which the whole portion of the cave is lit. Hence, you can easily visit two caves, which will save your time as well. For all the adventure seekers it is the best place to be.

If you’re an adventure seekers, a visit to Deer Cave should be in your list of things to do in Borneo. If you have visited Deer Cave and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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