Camp Leakey Borneo

Camp Leakey Borneo – Explore the Distinct Tourist Point

The Camp Leakey Borneo was originally inaugurated in the vicinity of Tnajung Puting (also called The National Park of Malaysia) in the year 1971 by Dr. Birute’ Galdikas and his first wife Rod Brindamour. Dr. Galdikas, Drs. Jane, Goodall as well as Dian Fossey were all deeply inspired by Louis Leakey, whose mind was generally pierced in the subject of paleo-anthropologist i.e. the study of back dated humans who came into being in the fossil hominid evidence. First of all there were two huts in the park in Camp Leakey Borneo but now the park is surrounded by wooden materials specifically invented for the students, staffs, scientists and for the Park rangers as well.

Overview of Camp Leakey Borneo

Let’s have a closer look and a virtual tour of this distinct tourist place in a short glimpse. You might plan to come here at least once for a complete unique experience. Read on:

Popularity of Camp Leakey Borneo

Camp Leakey Borneo is mainly observed as the basis of study for Indonesian and American students, especially those who are majoring as innovative scientists, science graduates and undergraduates at large. The main projects of learning which are carried out through the terrestrial land of it are known to be Orangutan, study of the sucking mouth part of aboriginal monkeys, an ecological study of gibbons and monkeys that feeds on tree leaves, Orangutan language signals and mental response, the response of leech in the forest and the river ecology mainly.

Necessary Recommendations for the Tourists

It is thus, strictly advised to every tourist, who so ever comes here for a pleasure trip prior to the journey to Camp Leakey Borneo. They should be well prepared to observe Orangutans from a particular recommended distance only and staying in the park is extremely prohibited because this park is considered home to many dangerous species i.e. Orangutans especially. Therefore, before entry to Camp Leakey Borneo National Park grant of permission by the Park rangers is essential. Simultaneously, the research mission of various scientists already at work should not be interrupted by the visiting audience.

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Attractions of Camp Leakey Borneo

The basis of attractions of Camp Leakey Borneo mainly depends on the learning behavior of Gibbons i.e. native of this forest in particular formerly born from the parent Gibbon. Tourists mostly visit this place to view Gibbons being presented at large especially in this park. Other attractions of this National Park are jotted below:

  • The major attraction here is its ideal location on the river named as; Sekonyer Kanan River. For instance, this place is largely seen at an entrance of the river that adds more to the beauty here.
  • You can also visit the hut like structure here in the park renowned as A Typing House, where the huge picture of an adult male of an Orangutan is drawn at the back and front side of the house.
  • An original sign board is also depicted just at the passage of this naturally built National Park.
  • Another souvenir for the tourists is also seen at this place, which is renowned as Iconic Statue composed of ironwood mainly.

Moreover, there are adult females Orangutan as well, who walk in the National Park in search for food and thus, you can have a look at them.

Pay a visit to Camp Leakey Borneo and enjoy a unique experience. It is considered as a recommended activity for tourists visiting Borneo. This place might help in increasing your knowledge as well apart from its beautiful sights and species. Don’t forget to follow the tourist recommendations discussed above.

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