Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Borneo Rainforest Lodge – Award Winning Accommodation

The journey to Borneo Rainforest Lodge is considered to be one of the nature trips in Borneo Highland. It is beautifully burrowed in between the land of Sarawak Oil Palm and the National Park of Lambir Hills. The tourists after staying in the hotels of Borneo Rainforest Lodge are implicitly enthralled with the nature friendly atmosphere here that vivaciously possesses approximately eighteen myriad distinct attributes designed as a wooden cabin depicting an outer view as overhanging eaves in the jungle associated with few guest rooms and the rest of the rooms are considered to be built with a clear lake view in the forest of Borneo Highland.

Exploring Borneo Rainforest Lodge

This naturally built rainforest lodge can be explored in detail after having a long stroll through a wooden passage purpose created for a stroll here. Therefore, this rainforest can be further explored by taking an immense advantage of its beautiful naturally built features that can be fully enjoyed when the tour is specifically based on leisure trip, tourists possessing an intense love of nature, grasping an adventurous quality as well as those families who eagerly have an inbuilt enthusiasm.

Few attractive features of Borneo Rainforest Lodge are listed below:


The chalets of Borneo Rainforest Lodge are constructed in a natural wooden decorum with a fan on the top surface in an open ventilation of the surroundings. The style of a chalet is its wall creation, upper portion of the room with a natural air flowing system that implicitly enters the bathroom of the chalet.

There are plenty of chalets that predominantly give the impression of dwelling in an open air naturally lush green environment and the guests are allowed to choose their type of lodges. For instance, such luxuriously vivacious lodges are River View Deluxe Chalets, Jungle View Deluxe Chalets and Jungle View Standard Chalets.

There are both single and double storey luxurious villas being also constructed with an impeccable of a flowing river in a predominant jungle beauty. Therefore, the shower area of a chalet specifically consists of a bath tub placed in an open space of the forest and the river scenery there; in the slight footprints of mammals conversing with the environmental behaviors in particular villa surroundings.

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Danum Valley Trail Map

The Danum Valley Borneo Trail Map is a sightseeing adventurous activity such that the tourists can enthusiastically explore the incidents of distinct natural sites and the musical noise of a rainforest from a distant view. For instance, the specific activities of a trail map in this Lodge are night and day trekking as well as Safari night drives also included to spare the natural adventure. Whereas, among the constructed trail web of the lodge tourists are similarly eager to engage themselves with the wildlife of a Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

The essential other natural beauty to explore is the Canopy Walkway, an old mountain of Kadazan-Dusun Tribal’s Burial and the dips of a Jacuzzi pool. The adventurous journey to the lodge will similarly intends you to explore myriad trial activities situated at various distances that are known as Ginger trial, Nature trial, Danum trial, Coffincliff trial, Belian trial, etc.

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Borneo Rainforest Lodge also offers its guests special spa treatments; hence you can revitalize and rejuvenate yourself during your trip of this beautiful place. You can opt to get their special Borneo Rainforest treatment, Danum Valley Trekking treatment and Bird Watching Shoulder and Back Therapy.

Winner of distinct awards and accolades, this Lodge offers tourists the best option to relax and enjoy their tour of this extra-ordinarily designed beauty of God at the fullest. Hope you have a great time here.

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