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The Borneo Highland Resort Kuching is located in the vicinity of Kota Padawan one of the tempting resorts of Borneo Highland; Malaysia in particular built on a huge spacious area possessing almost forty number of guest rooms as accumulated.  It is built within the hills, which are 1000 meters above the sea level, giving an inspiring view of the natural beauty and lush tropical rainforest.

Overview of Borneo Highland Resort Kuching

Borneo Highland Resort Kuching is for sure among those places on earth where you always wanted to be. It is preferred by tourists, who have at least visited this place even once in their lifetime. To spend an ideal time on this highland, Borneo Highland Resort is “the place” to spend your vacation. Read on to know more about this amazing place, situated within the lush green hills:


Below are the various room types available in the Borneo High Resort Kuching:

Par Type:

Par type of rooms are considered to be occupied with best offers that includes the mountainous view from the room window with a Queen bed, bathroom (gives the comfort of spa in a standing shower) attached to it and the area of this specific room is designed with wooden materials of about 15.61 square meters respectively.

The special facility for the children is also available that are more than five years of age are granted an added facility of a separate in Par rooms. Its complimentary attributes include breakfast, facilities of ironing, fan, water bottles are also kept in the room, hair dryers are also available here as well as the special rooms for non-smokers are also arranged in such type of guest rooms.

Birdie Type:

The spacious measurement of Birdie types of rooms are of about 27.68 square meters with an availability of King sized bed and the view of mountains enhances the beauty of a resort. The furniture kept in the room gives a natural view to its visitors or whoever stays in birdie rooms develops an impression of comforting in a natural lush green environment due its leafy and woody decorum and a dense view of mountainous forest from the ventilation windows as well.

Its unique feature that mainly differs from other guest rooms of this resort is a mini bar creation and visibility of coffee/tea maker in particular that implicitly develops a cozy natural based atmosphere.


Albatross suit is built with a luxury extra large space than a birdie room with a spacious capacity of 32.05 square meters. The decorum of this room contains a detached sitting area as well with a tempting king size bed.

The distinct features of this room are in a combined form as mentioned in above rooms. For instance, the cost of this room provides breakfast with a complimentary item and it also possesses the facility of breakfast coffee/tea maker, mini bar, bottled waters are also given here as an added benefit, ironing facility, availability of a fan, bathrobes, etc.

Eagle Suit:

Eagle suit is innovated with an extra luxurious facility in a guest room if we stay here in Borneo Highland Resort Kuching. This particular room covers an area of approximately 41.43 square meters with a single King size bed and two normal sized single beds as well. The outer view of this room opens to a swimming pool area in this resort that in turn enhances the luxury of the room at large.

It is purposely built for families with four member persons at maximum due to its extra large occupied area in a wooden decorum. For instance, this room is ideal if occupied by a small family planning to stay in a naturally built-in atmosphere.

Attractive Features

The Borneo Highland Resort Kuching has innumerable attractive features that enormously tends the tourist to enjoy its natural greenish mountainous beauty with the effect of taking an advantage of a spa in the jungle and in peaceful vicinity by enjoying the dips at Simangah Waterfall at the point of Kalimantan view.

Similarly the bird watching is considered to be most natural from the huge Penrissen Mountain and on the plateaus here, the horse riding is specifically very ideal. This resort is like a paradise for golf lovers and its main essential features are its luxurious hospitality, availability of physical activity centers and the huge car parking lot as well.

You can dine in at the Resort’s café, serving organic meatless food. Also, you can go for mountain biking, rainforest walk, jungle trekking, mountain climbing, organic farming and for various other activities.

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The luxurious prerequisites of this resort includes facility of transfer to be done from airport, you can also take a bicycle ride on rent, elevator is also established, you can grab the service of laundry easily, there is a guest meeting are as well, beautiful restaurants, at every step you will also see safety deposits and for the resort tour shuttle service is also present.

Physical Activity Centers

There are numerous physical fitness centers within Borneo Highland Resort Kuching, in order to grasp the charm of recreational activities at large that primarily includes; huge beautiful garden, facility of golf playing, hot baths, massage therapies, sauna shower, spa activities, steam baths in a separate room and swimming pools in a natural atmosphere.

If you are taking your time out to spend your vacation at a hill station or on an island, then do add Borneo Highland in your must-visit place. Plan your holidays with a stay at Borneo Highland Resort Kuching and enjoy a perfect time out with your friends, family and better half.

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