Vaccinations for Borneo

Vaccinations for Borneo – For Health Measures on Vacation

Borneo Highland is now considered one of the top most visited places in the whole Asia because of its attractive piece of land that implicitly influence all the tourists; especially nature lovers to bring them closer to the nature. Apart from its natural atmosphere its adventurous sites, scrumptious food and the distinct wild inhabitant tempts the entry of myriad tourists across the globe.

You can easily travel to Borneo from Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, if you plan a trip in Borneo, then it is intensely essential that you must be aware of the recommended vaccinations for Borneo, because most of deadly diseases are present in the habitat of Borneo specifically and for adopting precautionary measures the traveler must undergo through prescribed vaccinations at earliest.

Hence, the vaccinations for Borneo prescribed for a short term visit, provides a health cover for a childhood disease that are mainly Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus and Diptheria; including a cover for a disease prevailing with the use of hazardous water and food that are Typhoid and Hepatitis A in particular. Whereas, the long term visit or hiking to Borneo gives special protection under the cover of a disease viz. Rabies as well as Hepatitis B. The malarial disease prevention is also safeguarded as per duration of your stay in Borneo Highland.

Vaccinations for Borneo Visit

Following are the essential vaccinations for Borneo visit recommended by the Tropical Medical Bureau as under:

  • The vaccination of a Yellow fever generally not has been considered to be essential by the bureau as yet.
  • Tetanus vaccine is necessary for all the visitors who are about to travel in Borneo Highland.
  • Diphtheria is also not added recently as an essential vaccine for the particular destination.
  • Hepatitis A is similarly termed as an essential vaccine to be applicable on all the visitors.
  • The vaccine of Typhoid is also recommended for every traveler.
  • Hepatitis B is recommended for those visitors who travel to Borneo mostly on foot.
  • The vaccine of Rabies is mainly considered for those visitors who come to Borneo for the purpose of trekking.
  • Meningococcal Meningitis is a vaccine that is specifically applicable for rural visitors.
  • The vaccine for Poliomyelitis disease is also not yet been applicable by the TMB (Tropical Medical Bureau).
  • Cholera vaccinations are also not yet recommended as necessary by the Malaysian medically authentic department i.e. TMB.
  • The stay of visitors in rural vicinity must apply the vaccination of Tuberculosis especially.
  • Tick Borne Encephalitis is also not yet authorized by the TMB.
  • Japanese B Encephalitis is also considered for those visitors whose stay is mostly destined in rural areas of Borneo Highland.
  • Malaria prophylaxis is considered essential only in case of few conditions; such conditions are only advised after the consultation of a travel physician in particular.

Necessary Suggestions for the Travelers of Borneo are:

The travelers to Borneo must be informed that prior to travelling they must get vaccinated themselves with the disease i.e. rabies which was mainly observed when the 53 year old women was affected by a dog bite on Sep 11, 2015. Therefore it is certainly essential those who are travelling to Borneo must also beware to touch the animals there.

Therefore, prior to four to eight weeks of the departure date to Borneo, the tourists are simultaneously advised to visit their nearest physician for authentic vaccinations to be applied as precautions of dangerous illness.

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