Things to do in Borneo

Borneo Activities – Top 10 things to do in Borneo

Your trip to Borneo will be incomplete, if you did not visited the sights where different species of animals exists. Borneo Island is an exciting place with so much fun-filled activities, giving you the thought that your one trip won’t be good enough to enjoy all of them. There are so many things to do in Borneo that does not let the tourists get bored.

Top 10 things to do in Borneo

A trip here is highly recommended as you can find out some really interesting things. Below we will be listing some of the best things to do in Borneo that you can and must do while you are on your trip there. It will prove to be the best vacation of your life:

1. Climbing the Highest Peak

The highest peak of Southeast Asia located in Borneo, in the region of Sabah. It goes by the name of Mount Kinabalu and is known to have the highest ever point with a height of 4,095m. The famous Mount Kinabalu once used to be an active volcano and used to erupt from time to time, but it has now become a dominant one, almost dead.

There is an excellent sight especially at dawn so if you want to witness the miraculous sunrise it is advisable to wake up early and a grab a sight. The climbing Mount Kinabalu session can last as long as 2 days but coming upon the enthralling sight of the blissful morning sunrise is definitely worth the energy and effort. It is one of the must things to do in Borneo.

2. Catch a Boat Ride to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is simply a 20 minute ride away from the famous Kota Kinabalu of Malaysia. It is fairly easy to catch a boat and travel to this miraculous island. It is indeed a terrific place to unwind you on one of Borneo’s lush green island that is situated just at the coastline of Sabah. The island even lets you set up a camp for the night and the experience is quite satisfying. You can also explore all the islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park by opting for Island Hopping Kota Kinabalu tour.

3. Gather Facts about the Rainforest

You will be interested to know that Borneo houses a primeval rainforest that dates far back from today, and it is one of the most ancient forests of the world. The rainforest is almost a 130 million years old and contains some of the most endangered species of the world like the Borneo Pygmy Elephants, the Sumatran rhinos, the Bornean orangutans and the clouded leopards.

Not only Borneo is known for its absolute faunas, it also contains some truly astounding species of plants and flowers, almost 15,000 of them. The mountainous center of the Borneo Island is approximately 220,000 km and more commonly goes by the name of “Heart of Borneo” as this is where you will find the world class variety of forest life.

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4. See the Largest Flower of the Planet

Along with a wide species of plants, the largest flower in the world can be found in Borneo. It is known as Rafflesia Arnoldii and the flower is quite gigantic. Even though the smell is quite unappealing as it contains the smell of a corpse, but this flower is a must watch. While climbing the largest mountain peak, Mount Kinabalu, you will encounter the rotten stench of Rafflesia Arnoldi. The cool and moist air in combination with rich soil is what lets this rare flower grow here. In addition, it has been given the nickname of “corpse flower.”

5. Get up Close and Personal with the Orangutans

Two of the most preferred things to do in Borneo is to see the Orangutans and the big flower. If you are the sort of person who likes to mingle and get affectionate with animals, then The Heart of Borneo is definitely the place you want to go to. This wonderful place is loaded with some of the most awe-inspiring species of wildlife creatures and each and every kind is guaranteed to make your eyes sparkle with excitement.

The Orangutans are probably the most dominant creatures you will ever see around Borneo, and they are the largest mammals that are enabled to climb trees, Known as the only greatest ape to be discovered in Asia, these amazing creatures are definitely a must watch.

Some of the healthiest and full grown orangutans can weigh as much as up to 90-95 kgs i.e. approximately 200 pounds. They are really fun-loving creatures and have an ability to stretch their arms even more than their body. This lets them swing around the canopy of the rainforest, and they often hang from the branches in search of fruits and leaves.

6. The Kinabatangan River

The name is quite difficult to pronounce but despite of it, Kinabatangan River is probably one of Sabah’s top highlights and preferred area to visit. It is indeed one of the most recommended and favorite area in all of Borneo. Alongside the village of Sukau there are a number of arrangements made for your accommodation.

You can easily book a guide who will help you grab a boat and explore the muddy river. With the help of a boat, this will be an excellent opportunity for you to witness some of the most amazing sights of the endangered species namely orangutans, pythons, proboscis monkeys, crocodiles, and even elephants if you are lucky enough.

7. Visit Danum Valley

Danum Valley Borneo is one of the protected lowland forest which are places you must definitely visit. This pristine rainforest is unquestionably one of the hottest wildlife spots in all of Borneo. There are long trails that let you walk through, allowing you to spot some of the most exotic species f birds, interesting plants, frogs, flying squirrels, energetic gibbons and lots more. This place is great for bird watchers and nature lovers and you will absolutely fall in love with it. One of the most preferred things to do in Borneo to refresh the mind and soul.

8. Go Scuba Diving

Sipadan Island is a very beautiful isle situated at the east coast of Malaysia Borneo in Sabah, and if you are fond of travelling then you must definitely add this destination to your bucket list. The first and foremost thing this particular island is unquestionably renowned for is scuba diving. So all those people who are interested in recreational activities like snorkeling and scuba diving will be delighted to come here.

Sipadan Island is the most popular place in all of Malaysia that is known to offer the best scuba diving. And not only that, you will be amazed to known that Sipadan ranks as one of the top 10 diving sites in all over the globe. Adventure lovers from every corner especially come here to experience the pleasure of scuba diving and Sipadan Island leaves them completely exhilarated.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get a chance to visit Sipadan Island and go scuba diving in the place which is ranked as amongst the highest in the world? In simple words, it will be a divers dream come true to go scuba diving here in this miraculous island which is known for its fantastic underwater wonderland.

9. Staying in a Long House

A stay at the renowned Sarawak Iban Longhouse must definitely be on your priority list while you are vacationing in Borneo. You can take a long boat ride around the Lemanak River and grab a sight of some of the most primeval longhouses which are stuck in precisely every bend there is in the river. Here you will learn how the native people actually live.

Take note that the authentic longhouses can only be seen from the river while the rest ones are placed from the tourism point of view. What is even more interesting is that you can try out outstanding quality traditional food, along with an entertaining dance performance. Lastly you may even learn how to shoot a blowpipe for the sake of fun.

10. Trekking in the Rainforest

Trekking in Borneo will prove to be a very exciting experience as the rainforest consists of some highly rare and endangered species which cannot be found anywhere in the world. From the proboscis monkeys to orangutans to clouded leopards and the world’s most poisonous snakes, a trek in the rainforest will be sufficient for you to discover it all. There are some really beautiful hidden beaches and waterfalls which you may encounter during your excursion here. The natives- Dayaks have been known to follow the same trail during their time.

There are a number of national parks in Sarawak which can be discovered without the need of a permit or a tour guide, but some of them might raise the need of a guide. You can set up a camp in various places or book a stay in the longhouse at a fairly cheap price. Probably the most accessible national park from Kuching in Sarawak is the Bako National Park.

Sabah and Sarawak, the two states of Malaysia are quite fully equipped for visitors and consist a rich history of wildlife sanctuaries, nature parks, world class diving resorts and the amazing mountain treks. However, these were some things to do in Borneo that you must definitely include on your bucket-list of things to do while you are on a trip to Borneo, to make your journey and its memories last a lifetime.

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