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How to travel from Singapore to Borneo Island

You must be well aware of the fact that Borneo is a place consisting of three parts namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The island is chiefly known to be the largest in all of Asia and the third largest in all over the world. Borneo Island is positioned at the north of Java, towards Sumatra’s east and Sulawesi’s west, with respect to the chief Indonesian islands at the Maritime Southeast Asia’s topographical center.

Altogether, this particular island is a division amongst three Asian countries namely Indonesia towards the south, with Brunei and Malaysia towards the north. Truly, Borneo is an amazing destination giving the tourists an opportunity to discover the many attractions & activities to do of this wonderful place.

Travelling from Singapore to Borneo

Borneo is an island composed of three regions namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei; there can be various ways for tourists and locals to travel from Singapore to Borneo. There are a number of ways for tourists and locals to travel to Borneo for short duration. If you wish to travel to Borneo to unravel the beauty of this glorious destination, you can choose from amongst various forms of transport. Planning to travel through means of air is primarily the most chosen method of travelling by most people and it is one of the easiest ways of reaching Borneo from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore as well a number of other countries.

Whether you wish to travel by means of a taxi, train, car or a bus, it is entirely up to you to choose the medium of commuting that will be of most convenience. In this particular article we will be discussing the possibility of travelling to from Singapore to Borneo; though the number of options is quite limited considering the fact that Kota Kinabalu Sabah is the only arrival point in Borneo.

By Air

You will be interested to know about some airlines that provide a number of cheap flights from Singapore to Borneo. The rates are fairly affordable with a great number of flights going on a weekly basis. You can easily find a number of airfare promotions through various airline companies flying to Kota Kinabalu. Of all of them you will surely be able to find the one that best meets your budget as well as travel schedule. Keep in mind that all the fares which are scheduled for Kota Kinabalu are included with proper surcharges and taxes.

It is advisable to book your flight for Kota Kinabalu safely and securely through online basis. This way you can get confirmation instantly and travel from Singapore without any difficulty. Within a range of $120-$300 you can easily make a booking for a one-way or all-round ticket from Singapore from a wide range of airline companies.

Some of the airline companies that provide flight services to Borneo from Singapore are Malindo Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Cathay Pacific and Royal Brunei Airlines. Cathay Pacific has limited flights available which is why the rates are comparatively higher. Malindo Air and Malaysia Airlines have the most frequent airline services and there are flights going on daily basis from Singapore to Borneo.

Whether you are thinking of travelling for business purpose or simply for a leisurely vacation with family, you will hardly face any difficulties in booking a flight or finding the airfare that suits your needs the most.

As a bit of information, Borneo’s largest city is Kuching in Sarawak which is a part of Malaysia itself. The highest peak known as Mount Kinabalu in Southeast Asia can be located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah which is also part of Malaysia. Some of the largest cities in Borneo can be reached through air by airline companies like Tiger Airways and AirAsia which provide a number of budget flights.

The only direct flights available are to Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. If you wish to travel to Sandakan once you have arrived in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Airlines is the frequently used airline service to travel within Borneo.

Deciding when to Visit Borneo

As a visitor you might be wondering what is it in Borneo that makes it a must visit place. Well Borneo is definitely amongst those places which you want to include in your bucket list because it contains some of the rarest and most enticing sights which you will be unable to find anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that the peak months range from May-Sept and it is a fair word of advice not to lay too much focus on the weather while planning for a trip here.
The peak rainfall season usually occurs somewhere between November-March, with incidents of sporadic downpours. However, it is almost impossible to identify or differentiate between the wet and dry weeks.

Thus, if you plan to travel from Singapore to Borneo then you can only use the air transport. However, there are a number of options in airlines, which you can choose as per your budget range. If you’re in Singapore, you can learn more about what to do in the city by visiting Singapore Travel Blog.

If you have traveled to Borneo from Singapore and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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