Gaya Island Borneo

Visit Gaya Island Borneo to Make Your Vacations Memorable

Borneo; being the third largest Island around the globe and the first enormous Island in Asia is predominantly popular for its impeccable wildlife, stunning beaches as well as the guest rooms here made it an astonishing destination for the tourists travelling in bulk.  Borneo is recognized for one of its most visited island i.e. Gaya Island Borneo also known as Pulau Gaya.

Overview of Gaya Island Borneo

The Gaya Island Borneo is renowned as Borneo’s island fulfilled with its immaculate wildlife and marine treasures. Borneo was predominantly being discovered after the hit of tremors in its land; then several visits by backpackers made the land of forest most attractive island of Borneo. It is also famous for being an intense impressive hiking among the whole world.

Attractive Features of Gaya Island Borneo

Gaya Island Borneo is massively covered with water that consist of various attractive points of snorkeling and during the sunny weather it is more feasible for the tourists to enjoy snorkeling under water than taking pleasures in climbing the heights of cliffs therein.

Reaching the Spot of Gaya Island Borneo

We can simply reach the resort of Gaya Island Borneo within fifteen minutes approximately, if travelling through a speedy boat from the destination of Kota Kinabalu (Capital city of Malaysia situated in the eastern portion of Sabah state).

Construction of Gaya Island Borneo

It is primarily constructed on the highest destination point among the dense forest. There is also a specially built resort by the name of Gaya Island Resort & Gayana Eco Resort, where tourists are entertained with the best activities and services. The guest rooms of Gaya Island Resort are designed in a way that the visitors are suggested to walk a long way along the slope of the jungle. Therefore, before reserving the rooms within the highest peak of the Resort visitors of age above sixty years are not allocated rooms above therein, due to their health condition unable to accommodate with the atmosphere at the highest point.

The guest rooms of the resorts are purposely designed with a comfortably spacious capacity. For instance, the visitors dwelling here in the rooms find it chilled with a balcony view of an immaculate jungle and the water at large. Whereas, its shower area is created with a huge bath such that it seems like we are bathing in a natural environment of the Gaya Island.

Major Attractions

Gaya Island is part of Kota Kinabalu island hopping tour and offer various attractions to the tourists discussed below:

  • The water of Gaya Island is extremely clear and deep. You will also find different variety of sea creatures dwelling under water; mostly observed sea species are the bright colored fishes depicting as an image yielded from a Computer Graphical Interface.
  • We are also able to explore the aborigines of Borneo that is a cat fish here in Gaya Island Borneo that are usually seen travelling a shorter distance on a land part. It is only viewed in rainforest jungles where there is abundance of fresh water as compared to sea water.
  • It is also considered as one of the most popular snorkeling point as well where we are able to discover various sea-snakes curling themselves in a coral garden.
  • In the beaches of this island, there are numerous huts with the baby turtles roaming all around fed by the big turtles and the turtle eggs are also seen here.
  • While enjoying at the shore there are couple of bearded pigs also, causing the tempting view for the tourists.
  • During the day; by early morning we must take pleasure in climbing the cliff and jungle strolling as well before the weather gets extremely warm at noon because these activities are certainly a hassle if the weather is intense hot. The most attractive thing we found in this Island is enjoying the warmest weather at noon. For instance, at noon variety of activities can be availed like flourishing cooking classes, spa massage and the stand-up paddle boarding as well.

Gaya Island Borneo is an ideal place for conservationists and snorkelers, but you have to stay beware of the monkeys. You might come across a lot of monkeys here, who love to irritate the visitors. Some people find it funny, but it is scary on the other hand too. However, all in all, this island has a lot to offer to its visitors with some exciting and adventurous activities.

Visiting the islands of Borneo is one of the recommended things to do in Borneo for tourists. If you have visited Gaya Island and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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