Borneo Bay Cat

Borneo Bay Cat – A Mystery Member of the Cat Family

Borneo Bay Cat is the largest mammal cat seen often in the jungles of Borneo Island. It is present in the rainforest jungles of Sarawak State in the Malaysian Northern Highlands, which is densely populated with the lush green moist atmosphere therein.

It is also renowned as Catopuma badia, Bornean Cat or Borneo Bay Cat else Borneo marbled cat. It is thus, predominantly a wild animal, which is confined to a particular area of Borneo Island; normally being visible very often.

Features of Borneo Bay Cat

The main attractive features of this endangered mammal creature is being an animal of nights, his/her rare visibility is observed having an identical large size of a domestic cat in particular. The unique attractive features of this animal are his/her reddish or grey colored fur texture with a long tail as well, which is about fourteen inches or thirty-five centimeters in length.

The body weight of Borneo Bay Cat is generally 6.5-8.8 pounds that makes three to four kilograms approximately. The further study on the features of Borneo Bay Cats is termed as an undergoing process because the scientists are still studying about their eating and mating behaviors in particular.

This cat is scientifically known as Pordofelis Badia that is traced very often in the enormous rainforest jungles of Borneo. Therefore, there is very little information being recorded yet about this particular wild species specifically. It was speculated that the discovery of this endangered mammal was proven as of being a large animal that should only survive at best in the densely populated rainforests land.

It was then amazed by numerous researchers that they were able to find their presence in the Borneo rainforests jungle overwhelmed with timber woods; bulk of it was being utilized for the trade. The assumptions made by most of conservationists emphasized that very little of wild animals could be able to survive in those jungles but some of the researchers proved it to be a homeland for abundance of wild animals.

Tracking of Borneo Bay Cat

Researchers trace this cat by placing cameras on different locations in order to capture the image of a bay cat and to also identify its behavior related to the surroundings of Sarawak forests. Due to its immensely low visibility only few images were captured of this endangered wild creature. The camera was spotted by the researchers close to the Pulong Tai National Park situated at the northern part of Sarawak (a part of Borneo associated with two states of Malaysia).

Survival of Borneo Bay Cat

As this wild animal was mainly being observed in the massive jungle occupied with timber wood trees in the state of Sarawak Borneo Malaysia; such lush green land is becoming the purpose of trade, therefore, an ultimate survival of this animal is getting lowered day by day. For instance, researchers of Borneo Bay Cat has certainly identified that due to immaculate cutting of timber trees in the rainforests, this wild creature is simultaneously becoming the cause of imminent life threatening concern for its optimum survival.

If you ever planned a vacation to Borneo Island, then you may, with the help of researchers or locals, might get the chance to see them live on the sight. You shall definitely have a trip to remember and a value add on to your knowledge.

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